Doux Fitlife The 1st Chicken fed with flax seeds, natural source of omega 3

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Riyadh, October 15th, 2017


The 1st Chicken fed with flax seeds, a natural source of omega 3
A Franco-Saudi world premiere to promote healthy nutrition in the kingdom

It is now possible to enjoy a high-quality chicken while naturally protecting your health.
The launch of Doux Fitlife was announced during a press conference at the French Ambassador Residence in Riyadh, where Doux and its Saudi partner Al Munajem presented the new frozen chicken, which is available in the stores of Saudi Arabia.
Thanks to an innovation resulting from 2 years of research and collaboration between the French and Saudis, Doux Fitlife is the first frozen chicken fed with Flax seeds, a natural source of omega 3 and containing 10% less fat.
A revolution in our plates, opening up a whole new field of healthy eating in our country.

Doux Fitlife, promoting healthy nutrition in Saudi Arabia

70%, the percentage of the population with overweight among which 29 % are obese in our country*. By 2022, this figure could even reach 59%. To blame: An insufficient physical activity and a diet that is overly rich, particularly in unhealthy saturated fats, and lacking in Omega 3, those essential good healthy fats of which we only consume half the recommended daily intake. A major public health problem responsible for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases in our country and worldwide.

As Dr. Bernard Schmitt, doctor and Research Director in Human Nutrition at the CERNH France and expert for the French Authority for Food Safety explains: “Omega 3s, or good healthy fats, are essential for maintaining a healthy body. Our organism cannot either make them or substitute for them itself, so they must be provided by our diet, and a lack of them can have serious consequences for our health.”

Doux Fitlife offers the great taste of a tender, juicy chicken as well as being a natural source of omega 3, with 10% less fat. Consuming 120g of Doux Fitlife chicken per day provides 30% of the recommended daily intake of omega 3.

Doux Fitlife, the natural healthy choice, recommended by Franco-Saudi experts in nutrition

Doux Fitlife is naturally beneficial thanks to its feeding in flax seeds. Raised in the best natural conditions without hormones, in western France, a traditional land of agriculture, the chickens are fed with flax seeds, an ancient and noble, 100% natural ingredient, with high nutritional properties and a natural high content in omega 3.
Doux Fitlife chicken has been developed according to the “Bleu Blanc Cœur” charter promoting healthy agriculture and recognised by the French Agriculture and Health Ministries.

Doux Fitlife, a Franco-Saudi innovation revolutionising the chicken market

Doux Fitlife is the result of a joint vision by the Doux French brand and its Saudi partner Al Munajem to open up a new field in healthy eating and enable each individual to eat better on a day-to-day basis They decided responsibly to take on the immense challenge posed by metabolic diseases, based on the premise that our food is our first source of health.. According to Christophe COUROUSSE, CEO of Doux France: “Doux has been the favourite brand of chicken in Saudi Arabia for more than two generations, introducing frozen chicken into the kingdom in 1974. In 2017, we re-pioneer the chicken market again offering a new, high-quality chicken, which helps preventing one’s health naturally, thus setting a new course for future healthy eating”. Thamer Abanumay, CEO of Al Munajem Cold Store Co, adds: “Saudis are conscious of the impact that diet can have on the health and well-being of their families. Today, what they want is to be able to continue cooking the normal meals they love, while at the same time naturally helping to maintain a balanced diet and a healthier lifestyle. We eat chicken almost every day. Therefore, we investigated on how to breed and feed our chicken to feed our fellow citizens in an even healthier way.”
Doux and Al Munajem worked hand-in-hand with leading French experts and scientists, such as the National Agrifood Research Institute (INRA) and Valorex, the nutrition expert for flax seeds, and were able to rely on the support of the Brittany and Pays de Loire regions in western France, where Doux Fitlife chickens are born, raised and prepared.
It took 2 years to develop Doux Fitlife world premiere. “We worked with more than 400 Saudi consumers to design and complete the innovation, taking into account all their needs and expectations” said Mr. Abanumay. And Mr. COUROUSSE to add : “We were able to overcome a real product challenge thanks to the appropriate feeding and breeding for Doux Fitlife chicken to be a natural source of omega 3 with 10% less fat, keeping at the same time its same great taste, clean, tender and delicious.“

Doux Fitlife: Natural Health and Pleasure for all

Doux Fitlife marks the new turning point of Health for the Doux brand.
As a chicken expert since 1933, symbol of the French Quality worldwide and the pioneer brand for frozen chicken in the kingdom for 2 generations, Doux continuously innovates offering consumers naturally healthier choices without compromising on pleasure.
In this respect and to help the Saudi consumers make the right choices for their health, Doux has launched website offering balanced recipes for all the family, tips for healthier eating and ideas for physical activities to naturally protect their health.

*IHME 2015(Institute of Health Metrics & Evaluation- University of Washington ) , Saudi Ministry of Health 2014

– Doux Fitlife is available in the freezer section of all stores in Saudi Arabia, in individual portions (from 800g to 1,400g) and in boxes of 5 pieces.
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Did you know?
– Saudi Arabia is the leading importer of whole frozen chickens worldwide
– Each Saudi consumes around 45kg of chicken per year
– 4 whole frozen chickens purchased in 10 are Doux chickens in Saudi Arabia.
– 2 g of omega 3 ( Ala type) recommended per day and <1g consumed in Saudi Arabia