Launch of processed poultry products with chicken fillets New packaging : 500g bags

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Doux launches its new range of processed poultry products with chicken fillets
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2017 is devoted to innovation for the Doux brand. Further to the success of its processed products range in 1kg bags, the brand sustains its momentum proposing from January a new packaging in 500g bags with, into the bargain, 2 new products : Sky Nuggets and Chicken Pops. This range, made up of exclusively halal products, will mainly be sold in Europe and Overseas Departments & Territories.

4 different products to satisfy the whole family

Among this range will be proposed 2 unmissable Doux products, namely Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Fingers. To these will be added Chicken Pops and Sky Nuggets, 2 new references specially developed for this new packaging.

Chicken Pops, with its chicken taste lightly lifted by a curry flavour, are perfect for snacking or sharing with friends. Another innovation : Sky Nuggets, a fun reference with moon, star, cloud or thunderbolt shapes, will give young and old alike real pleasure !

Products with many advantages

  • These 4 products are prepared with chicken fillets, a noble raw material
  • Production in France with the Doux quality and know how
  • Products without palm oil, flavor enhancer and colour additive
  • A dedicated QR web platform for each product, to find inspiration and a perfect recipe