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Animal welfare, an essential concern of the Doux Group


Animal welfare is a key concern of the Doux Group. For this reason, the company has implemented an “Animal Welfare” charter that is also used by breeders. It concerns:

  • Lighting in the buildings;
  • Maintenance of a comfortable temperature;
  • Air renewal;
  • Available space;
  • Free access to feeders;
  • Quality and regularity of water and feed;
  • Quality and upkeep of bedding;
  • Quality of animal care.

Doux chickens are bred on farms in western France, in the heart of a large agricultural region. These farms are dedicated exclusively to poultry. They are protected from harsh weather and outside contamination and fed with feed produced by the Group. As they grow toward maturity, they are bred in harmony with European and international standards of health and hygiene.

All employees who are in contact with the chickens are trained in animal welfare. The Group also requires regular technical and sanitary monitoring by the breeder, who is supported by a team of technicians and veterinary experts.

The Doux Group is convinced that respecting animal welfare goes hand-in-hand with respecting and protecting their environment. These commitments are expressed in a demanding Corporate Social Responsibility policy. 


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