Downstream: slaughter and transport A UNIQUE INDUSTRIAL SET-UP

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Transport, the key link in the chain


For conveying birds from breeding farm to production site, the Doux Group has entrusted transport to a partner with a fleet of 33 trucks devoted exclusively to the Group.  After transport, trucks and containers are systematically cleaned and disinfected to prevent any risk of contamination.

Once products have been prepared, the transporters in charge of shipping them must follow very strict specifications with respect to the cold chain. Containers are fitted with sensors, and the temperature is tracked throughout the journey.

The Doux Group is especially vigilant in choosing its partners and also makes every effort to streamline the logistics flow in order to limit environmental impact. The Group works with transport companies that meet high standards of safety and environmental protection.

Modern slaughtering methods designed with animal welfare in mind


Doux Group production is distributed among three slaughterhouses: Châteaulin, Chantonnay and Plouray.

The Châteaulin site is the largest poultry slaughterhouse in Europe and produces whole chickens only. It has equipment that is unique in the world, with, in particular, three bagging machines that can each handle 6,000 chickens per hour.

At all times, the Group’s slaughterhouses are subject to special attention concerning cleanliness and quality standards. Throughout the transformation process – slaughter, preparation and freezing – numerous health and quality checks are made visually and using computer tracking systems. French government veterinary inspectors continually supervise the slaughtering sites. 

The Doux Group has practiced halal slaughtering for over fifty years.

To meet the expectations of clients and consumers, the Père Dodu brand launched 28 new products in 2014. This renewal of the product range reflects the approach based on continuing innovation and improved taste that guides the Doux Group. 

Halal and cultural respect

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