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A modern production site, dedicated to export


Doux exports products to more than 100 countries. To meet international demand, the Group has a production site at Quimper that is specialized in processed poultry products that are breaded (nuggets, burgers, wings, etc.) and non-breaded (roasted wings, kebabs, etc.).

Certified IFS since 2007, this site features unique know-how and a remarkable number of preparation workshops and production lines. The outstanding flexibility of this industrial tool allows the Doux Group to produce broad ranges of made-to-measure products for customers with very different expectations and tastes because of the large number of geographical areas covered by the Group.

Specific R&D for local requirements


With more than 500 references, the Doux Group adapts to both consumer tastes and regulatory constraints for each export market.

Key to meeting the needs of an international clientele, this ability to adapt is made possible through continued Group investment in research and development. The R&D teams keep close watch on the evolution of regulations and technology for the Group’s various export markets. They work on products, recipes and organoleptic properties, as well as on packaging, and develop from 130 to 150 new products and concepts each year.

At the heart of Doux Group strategy, the R&D teams approach innovation with a number-one priority constantly in mind: provide the right product in the right place at the right time. This allows the Group to offer consumers innovative products that combine modernity, ease of use, good taste and enjoyability.

Innovation also extends to the development of specific services and products for the restaurant industry, the retail sector and the agribusiness industry.

A vast range of high-quality processed products



The Doux Group multi-product strategy is perfectly illustrated by the broad range of Doux FPP processed products:

All Doux products are guaranteed GMO-free and are made without palm oil. They are prepared with the goal of minimizing fat content, in particular as concerns breaded products.

In addition to thorough customer knowledge and perfect control of markets and export processes, the company’s expertise in very high-quality poultry and poultry-derived products make the Doux Group the preferred partner of leading international players in the restaurant and retail sectors.

Since the Doux Group is able to produce a vast range of top-notch products, it is able to keep up with international market trends and customer expectations worldwide.

Our know-how

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