History and values OVER 80 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

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A reference in the poultry industry, the Doux Group is known for the quality of its products and its long history in France. Over time, the company has extended internationally to become a world leader.

The story started when Pierre Doux opened a poultry business in 1933 and later created the company that bears his name in 1955.

Implanted in western France, the Doux Group is proud to market 100% French poultry that is born, raised and prepared following the family tradition.
History and values

1955: Pierre Doux builds a slaughterhouse at Port Launay (Finistère) to complete the poultry and slaughtering business he started in Nantes in 1933.

1960: Charles Doux becomes Chief Executive Officer.

1961: The company begins to exports its chickens, first to Germany and Switzerland and later, in the seventies, to countries like Russia and Lebanon.

1974: The Doux Group begins exporting to Saudi Arabia. This was the start of a 45-year relationship of trust with the Almunajem family, which was in charge of distributing Doux products in the country.

1975: Charles Doux replaces his father as the company head and becomes its President.

1980: The Doux Group continues international expansion throughout the decade, mainly in the Middle East in Yemen, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Iran, as well as in Africa.

1992: Based on its thorough experience in the sector, the Doux Group launches the production of processed products for export, such as nuggets, burgers or breaded escalopes, to add variety to the offer.

1998: The Doux Group acquires the SOPRAT Père Dodu company and extends its activity in France by becoming a truly diversified group. In parallel, Doux implants in Brazil, where it quickly becomes a local leader.

2007-2010: The Quimper, La Vraie-Croix and Plouray sites obtain IFS (International Food Standard) certification.

2012: The Group refocuses on export activities (frozen whole poultry and processed products) and the production of processed products for the French market. Brazilian activities are sold, and fresh chicken is no longer produced.

2013: The Doux Group opens its capital to the D&P company, which becomes the majority shareholder, along with the Doux family and Almunajem, the historical partner.

2015: The Terrena Group signs an agreement with D&P, with the goal of becoming majority shareholder of the Doux Group.

2016Terrena, backed by Sofiproteol, thereby takes a controlling interest in Doux SA.



The Doux Group has always remained faithful to the values of its founder, Pierre Doux. For more than fifty years, and on the strength of its international expansion, the company continues to reliably supply high-quality products that protect the environment and human health, under optimal economic conditions. The company’s implantation in Brittany and the Loire region and its relationship with suppliers and breeders enable it to guarantee continuing know-how.

The Doux Group is also committed to the quality and safety of its activity through:

  • Attention to customer feedback;
  • Healthy, high-quality production;
  • An ethical, responsible commitment;
  • Commitment to sustainable development;
  • Fostering of social dialog.

Company values are backed by all Group employees, most notably by the executive team that is particularly attached to these founding principles.

Group governance

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