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The Doux Group aims to provide the right product in the right place at the right time


Because of a diversity of customers with different expectations, the Doux Group has implemented specific strategies for satisfying each segment. They are all oriented toward the same goal: the right product in the right place at the right time.

For the restaurant and catering industry, retailers and agribusiness industrialists, the Group designs specific services and innovative products that are proposed throughout the year to meet the needs of clients and consumers.

The Group also adopts marketing strategies tailored to each market and explores new horizons today to ensure its presence on the markets of tomorrow.

  • Raw materials are chosen with great care and offer guaranteed quality as concerns origin, authenticity and traceability to ensure food product safety (microbiological, physical and chemical criteria, etc.).
  • Production processes are monitored and reliable.
  • End products have guaranteed nutritional characteristics as concerns their organoleptic qualities and an authentic taste.

Doux Group expertise and know-how also extends to the company’s 100% integrated production chain, from egg to plate. Since the process is controlled from A to Z, Doux is able to ensure both traceability and optimal product quality. 

From egg to plate

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