Ensuring good taste A COMPANY-WIDE APPROACH

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Taste is the focus of the Group’s culture of innovation


Innovation is a company goal that is shared by Executive Management and all departments (Research and Development, Marketing, Quality, Purchasing, Industry, etc.).

To continue creating value, the Group invests heavily in searching for and developing new products that will meet the expectations of tomorrow’s clients and consumers.

To provide optimal answers to customer needs and expectations, development is carried out in two main directions:

  • extension of existing ranges with the creation of new recipes and/or portions adapted to changing tastes, ways of eating and consumer expectations;
  • creation of new and highly innovative products that will be tomorrow’s best sellers on Group markets.

In this way, Doux aims to develop the outstanding taste of its products while guaranteeing the optimal quality of basic materials.

Ever since the company was founded, the search for the best in taste has been a major guiding principle. The history of the Doux Group demonstrates an ability to develop new products that are adapted to different markets and varying customer requirements.

History and values

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