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The Doux brand for export


logo_DouxDoux is the Group’s historical brand on international markets. The major part of export activity is dedicated to the marketing of frozen chickens; the company was a pioneer in this area, having begun the activity in 1961.

With an unequaled reputation for poultry products in the Middle East (97% product recognition in Saudi Arabia), Africa and the Caribbean, the brand is synonymous with high-quality products.

The Doux brand is the main pillar of the Group’s multi-market strategy that ensures an abundance of openings in over one hundred countries.

On the whole-poultry market, the Doux brand has more than 30% of market share for retail distribution in Saudi Arabia*.

In 1992, Doux launched the “processed products” activity dedicated to export with Chicken Franks and breaded items. In 2014, one out of every two Chicken Franks sold in Saudi Arabia was under the Doux brand*.

*Source: Nielsen, whole chicken frozen+fresh segment, April 2015.

Other export brands 


To meet the growing demand of customers in different countries, the Doux Group has developed other brands for export, such as Supreme, Sunbird, Galina, Dalia and Golden Chicken.

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Père Dodu, the brand leader for breaded products in France


Logo de Père dodu Today, Père Dodu is a key brand that is up-to-date and focused on consumers, their daily concerns and their increasing nutritional demands. Enjoying a strong reputation, Père Dodu is the family brand par excellence, both friendly and practical.

Père Dodu’s leading position on its market is the reflection of the exceptional trust placed in the brand by consumers for more than fifty years.

This is the brand that introduced French consumers to the famous Cordon Bleu Escalope. Building on this expertise, the company provides today’s consumers with a growing number of tasty products, while meeting three key consumer imperatives:

  • Be the best on the market in taste;
  • Be the best on the market in nutritional quality;
  • Be the best on the market in terms of service quality.

To learn more about Père Dodu, see the Père Dodu website

Père Dodu Restauration, the expert in frozen products for the restaurant  and catering industry


logo pere dodu restaurationAn expert in the production of processed products made from poultry for over fifty years, Père Dodu has developed a line of frozen products for the restaurant and catering industry under the Père Dodu Restauration brand.

The offer comprises two different lines: Panés du Chef (chicken and cheese escalopes, nuggets, breaded escalopes, vegetable fritters, croqu’oeufs, etc.) and Volailles à la Carte (poultry kebabs, marinated wings, stuffed poultry, cooked poultry, time-saving culinary aids, etc.).

To learn more, see the Père Dodu Restauration page


Today, processed products are strategic for the development of the Doux Group in France and other countries. For the past few years, the company’s processed product innovation policy has accelerated in parallel to the redesign of marketing actions.

Processed products

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