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Human potential, an integral part of Doux Group strategy


An essential value of the entire company, human potential is an integral part of Doux Group strategy.

The Doux Group covers a wide variety of skills and extensive know-how. The Doux human resources policy aims to ensure optimal synchronization between the various teams and company goals through five priority axes:

  • Anticipate business evolution and promote development of the skills needed for future changes;
  • Promote talent and encourage moving up within the Group;
  • Develop managerial skills at all levels;
  • Act to ensure continuing improvement of work conditions;
  • Promote social dialog and communication within the work entities.


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The Doux Group

The Doux Group has implemented an exclusive partnership with breeders, forming a unique integration model for the poultry industry.


This model enables ensuring total quality and traceability for the entire production chain – from egg to plate – and maintaining a relationship of trust over the long term with breeder partners.