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The strictest possible quality checks, from the egg to the consumer’s plate


As concerns food safety, the Doux Group goes beyond European regulations, which are among the world’s most advanced. In particular, this includes guaranteeing full traceability throughout the industrial chain, from egg-laying to delivery.

  • Each “end product” has a specific lot number that enables retracing product history, including where the egg was laid, the breeding area, feed and care, date and time of slaughter and any other actions involved. This information is summarized in the breeding file. In this way, the Doux Group is able to know very precisely, at any time and for each lot, who the breeder was and how the birds were fed.
  • Veterinary services provide a food safety certificate for lots exported outside the EU.

In addition, Doux is a world reference with respect to microbiological and food safety control. The Group carries out the strictest possible quality checks, from the egg to the consumer’s plate.

  • By developing a prevention-oriented food safety policy well upstream, the Doux Group has divided the salmonella contamination rate of its production by ten and is well below current European Union requirements.
  • After incubation, all chicks and chickens are monitored and tested to ensure the absence of germs. Over 12,000 analyses are made over the various Group sites each year. These tests are completed by further testing under the supervision of independent government veterinary services.

The total commitment of the Doux Group to food safety and traceability enables guaranteeing very high quality throughout the company’s 100% integrated production chain, at each process step and all the way to the consumer’s plate.

From egg to plate

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