Upstream: the work of breeding BREEDING, INTEGRATED FROM THE START

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A unique breeding model


Proper breeding is a key element in the 100% integrated sector that the Doux Group has built over many years. Breeding lasts from 30 to 35 days, as chickens grow and develop meat with a good taste and high nutritional quality.

Upstream, the Group manages incubation, from breeding stocks to delivery of chicks from the hatchery. The Group supplies both feed and chicks to breeders twenty-four hours after their birth.

The high-quality taste of the poultry is ensured through natural feed that is 100% plant-based and diversified, hormone-free and rich in vitamins and minerals. This feed is adapted to the pace of poultry growth throughout the breeding period. The Group has its own feed plants and a dedicated team of nutritionists. In this way, the quality and traceability of poultry feed is ensured for the entire life of the birds.

Special support for our breeders


The Doux Group has established a relationship of trust with 300 breeders in Brittany and the Loire region. The Group provides them with personalized technical support through breeding audits and action plans defined for optimal performance.

The Doux team is in the field at their side to give advice and monitor and support them during breeding. This special attention enables the company to ensure superior taste for all consumers.

The Group has also implemented a system of breeder assistance, counseling and training to optimize the integration of new breeders and the development and modernization of breeding facilities. Doux offers various types of assistance for the construction of new buildings, adapting the Health Charter, installing young breeders and equipping breeding facilities.

The Group works continuously to improve the breeder’s working conditions, technical performance and productivity.

Finally, the multi-market approach adopted by Doux allows redistributing poultry production according to fluctuations in consumption. In this way, breeders are ensured a production outlet at all times.

“I’m a breeder in the Maine-et-Loire department, and for me, the integration model was an important criterion in choosing to work with the Doux Group. Integration provided the possibility of producing without the obligation to obtain short-term financing – that I would otherwise be required to supply – in order to obtain chicks and feed.”

Jean-Marie, a breeder with a 9,000 m2 operation in the Maine-et-Loire department.


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