Poultry nutritional values HIGH-QUALITY MEAT

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Unique characteristics that the Doux Group aims to preserve


The Doux Group is constantly searching for ways to improve the nutritional quality of its products. This is because meat plays a very special role in human nutrition. Meat is rich in protein and is a source of essential amino acids; these elements participate in body functioning, go into the building of cells and ensure protection through the immune system.

Poultry meat stands out favorably from a nutritional viewpoint because it supplies a high level of proteins (20 to 22 g for 100 g of meat) with a low level of fat, most of which is located under the skin.

Since it is also low in sodium (70 mg per 110 g, on average), it is also recommended for low-salt diets.

Comparison of Meat Energy Values

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Although each Doux Group brand is based on unique know-how and a specific product range, they are all guided by a common aim: the best possible taste. This is a company-wide approach that is followed in all departments.

Ensuring good taste

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